"I advise the overmodest to lay my book aside at once if he would not be scandalized, for tis already clear there's not much of the chaste in our plan, and we dare hold ourselves answerable in advance that there'll be still less in the execution... now prepare your heart and mind for the most impure." -the 120 Days of Sodom

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It has been years since ive been on this thing, and only recently decided to come back to promote my latest scenes and engage in some dialogue. Ill get back to working on my first post, which is about the use of hot wax during sex, but will leave you with a few updates on what is new. I have a selection of private scenes that are now available for sale which you may purchase privately through me via PayPal by contacting me at KyrosChristian@gmail.com I have for several years now, been separated from my ex-boyfriend, Dillon, and about two years ago began seeing somebody new. Long story short, we filmed these two scenes and decided, "why not sell them?"

Scene 1, which is pictured above, is of my boyfriend topping me, whereas Scene 2 is of me topping my boyfriend. Please enjoy this attachment of trailers and screencaps:

Scene 1:


Scene 2:


Thursday, January 15, 2015

How did the Islamic State manage to organize itself with such alacrity? Most of us had not even heard of it a year ago. Yet today it controls enormous swaths of territory, is waging war on the West, apparently provides help for its impoverished, has a thriving oil economy and, reportedly, has launched its own currency. Such diversity requires intelligent people and planning. It may be the most vile hotbed of terror on earth, but it's complexity needs explaining. This dispatch on IS oil revenue is a start:

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Greetings earthlings!

A new macbook pro for a new year.


                gonna put all my secrets into my little macbook...

                gonna type all sorts of scandalous stuff in my little macbook too...

It is running soooo fast and soooo smooth, that if I suddenly spotted my dream candidate for the next Twink Of The Year - well, I'd have my MacBook Pro chase-after, capture and escort him all the way to my house, while I'd be back inside, pouring cold drinks and fluffing up the pillows!!   Hehe!

Love to all of you.